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The definition of our name encompasses our approach to marketing. Good marketing is the life blood of any business, without it your company will perish. Products, services and companies have to be relevant. People love to buy but hate to be sold. Therefore, proper marketing is the correct match of services and needs. We provide marketing solutions beyond the obvious and basic; we provide you real solutions worth paying for!

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Alacrity Communications is a full-service Marketing Agency, providing Advertising, Public Relations, Event Marketing, Promotions, Branding and Strategic Marketing Services.

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Good marketing is universal, any business in need of growing its market share, selling more products and increasing its revenues.


Alacrity Communications offers a full range of marketing services: Creative Services Marketing Public Relations Branding (Relevancy) Strategic Planing Event Production and Marketing Grassroots Marketing Creating Sustainable Growth Market Research Company Sales Personnel Training Consumer Promotions Media Planning and Buying Television Production Web Site Design


List of clients: McDonalds BP Amoco Phoenix Auto Salon Alpha Medical Center  

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